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Really fun game, unlocked all the leves but I'm really struggling with puzzle 20. Maybe it's because I didn't with arcade, but even by looking up arcade games i couldn't find anything even resembling the silhouette.

Awesome game! But I can't figure out how to unlock the last 3 levels even with the hints ( )  =(

I added some more hints to that post :)

Has anyone even unlocked 19 or 20?  :D

I added some more hints to

Got to 18/20 but couldn't figure out the last 2 secrets. Quite fun, if a little devilish. It would have taken me far longer if I weren't playing with another person!

got 18/20 (couldnt figure out how to unlock 19 and 20) and had fun with it

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found from the palestine relief bundle. got 17/20, gave me a fun challenge - the only puzzle i couldn't do was the comic sans one @ level 16, i have no idea what that shape represents lol. cool concept!

(edit: oh and the last two secrets i also missed)

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I got less than half of these.  I found the challenge impossibly hard.

Try playing it with a friend, or a group; you might find that a good brain's trust can unlock them without too much work. (Though, playing games with other people is difficult at the moment so stay safe above all!)


I've really love this game but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to unlock the last level. 

super cool, but I couldn't figure out the final 3 levels. I was thinking maybe the pictures are a clue to solutions in the level select screen, but I couldn't figure it out . . . . 

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I wrote some hints here: :)

hey, thanks for the reply! unfortunately that link seems to be broken 

Oh sorry, I fixed it! (it's the reply just below here a couple of posts ---v )

had fun, thanks! (didn't figure out how to unlock 18-20)

First; you can type on the title screen and on level screens.

Second; the 3 icons on those levels give clues. The first one shows 9 underscores, the second is a reversed musical note, the third is a 5x4 grid with all but the last 3 boxes filled in.

Good luck. :)

More hints:

1. _________ is, not coincidentally, the title of the game. But what letters do those underscores represent?

2. The clue here is a reversed musical note, and do you notice anything about the ingame music?

3. There is only one place you'll find a 5x4 grid in the game and it shows a picture depicting what phenomenon?

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Still don't get the music hint. Also tried everything could think of for #19 to no avail. Did get three yellow words but nothing came of that.

edit: Got one for a different film too. Still having trouble figuring out.